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Question: What is a SWC lift?

Answer: The SWL & SCL models are hydraulic lifts which is powered off the vehicles battery. The SCL models are designed for commercial lifting requirements and the SWL models are designed for wheelchair lifting requirements. The RML Model is a roof mounted mechanical wheelchair lift which is powered by the vehicles battery.

Question: Who can use SWC lifts?

Answer: Our SWL & SCL models are designed with a robust switch system which can be operated by a person standing beside the unit or if preferred while standing on the platform. In the case of the RML lift, the switch is located near the steering controls of the vehicle and is operated by the individual sitting in the driver’s seat.

Question: How long does it take to fit a SWC lift?

Answer: Each lift is fitted by one of our preferred fitment agents. We required one (1) full day to fit the SCL and SWL models and a half day to fit the RML model.

Question: How do I go about servicing my SWC lift?

Answer: Each lift is issued with a 1 year warranty. For the warranty to be valid the lift needs to be serviced every six months. T & C’s apply. You can contact us directly for servicing arrangements.

Question: What vehicles can be fitted with a SWC lift?

Answer: The SWL and SCL models can be fitted to the WV Commercial / passenger panel van range, Nissan NV range, Toyota panel van series, the IVECO panel van series and more.

Question: In the event of a technical problem, will I be able to have it repaired without taking it into a distributor?

Answer: Our lifts are made to withstand the harshest of environments, however if the our lift requires maintenance or repairs, it is recommended to contact us directly. Each lift is made with the smallest of tolerances and requires professionally trained service personal to conduct servicing, maintenance and repairs.