How installing a tipper to your truck will aid in construction work

A tipper is a platform that is often found on the back of trucks. Tippers use hydraulic arms to lift the bed of the truck and dump the load that is on the bed. If you do not have a tipper already, we recommend installing one on your truck to aid you with your construction work. Here’s why having a tipper will aid with construction work:


Quick offloading

Offloading a load of sand, gravel or other construction material is as simple as pushing a button when it comes to tipper trucks. The tipper raises itself and tips the contents of its flatbed onto the ground where construction workers can then start using it. This process is much faster, and less strenuous, than manually offloading a load from the back of a truck.


Reduced labour

The process of offloading goods with a tipper is completed automatically, with no need for manual labour. Not only does this save the company on labour costs, but it is also safer for the workers. Having to manually offload piles and piles of construction material can be very demanding on a person and could cause injuries due to workers straining themselves.


Efficient load carrier

These tipper trucks are efficient in carrying and dumping very heavy loads. With the use of the hydraulic systems that operates the tipper, these trucks can very easily carry and tip out a wide range of construction materials in loads of very large sizes.

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