Why You Should Invest In Hazardous Chemical Signage For Transporting Dangerous Goods

South Africa has the 11th largest road network in the world. The transport industry is the pulse of the nation because it allows businesses and citizens to contribute actively to the economy. For businesses, this means having to transport many different types of products and cargo alongside the millions of daily commuters.

When it comes to transporting hazardous items like explosive or hazardous chemicals, businesses need to ensure that their transport vehicles are marked with hazardous chemical signage.

Dangers of not using hazardous chemical signage

The point of hazardous chemical signage is to alert drivers about the dangerous cargo carried within the marked vehicles. This is essential because drivers need to be aware of as many dangers on the road as possible.

Without this signage, drivers wouldn’t know to keep a safe travelling distance from these vehicles and could cause serious harm or damage in the case of a bad incident, such as an explosion or a leak. There are several types of hazardous chemicals that are transported daily, and each have their own category of signage.

Different types of hazardous chemical signage

Different kinds of hazardous chemicals, whether they’re explosive or not, come with their own kinds of safety signs and labels that are mostly shaped like diamonds with red borders to allow maximum visibility. They are divided into the following categories:

Explosive: For vehicles transporting explosive chemicals and gases such as gasoline and hydrogen, an exploding bomb sign is used.

Flammable: A flame is used to identify vehicles carrying flammable substances.

Oxidizing: For oxidising substances, a flaming circle with a line below is used.

Corrosive: For these substances, a pictograph of a corroding hand and table is used.

Acute toxicity: A skull and crossbones are used for substances that are toxic to humans and the environment.

Hazardous to environment: This is represented by a symbol of a dead tree and fish

Health hazard/hazardous to the ozone layer: An exclamation mark is used to identify these types of substances

Serious health hazard: Vehicles carrying these types pf substances use symbols of a person’s silhouette that has a star shape spreading out from the centre of the chest.

Gas under pressure: Finally, pressured gas is transported using symbols of gas cylinders or canisters.

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